Richmond Bay Watershed Association Inc.

Restoring Watersheds in Central Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Little Trout River Watershed, Richmond, PEI

Since 2004, the Richmond Bay Watershed Association Inc has been involved in major watershed rehabilitation efforts on the Little Trout River Watershed located in Richmond, Prince Edward Island. We have done significant improvements to fish habitat and riparian zones and we have effectively dealt with in-stream sediment issues. Some of our accomplishments would include the completion of a Watershed Stewardship plan, native tree planting, intense brushmatting, water quality and temperature monitoring, garbage clean ups, managing beaver populations, providing fish passage through the removal of in-stream obstructions and the installation of rock dams, installing in-stream cover structures, stream bank armouring projects, rock & gravel additions to springs, creation/enhancement of pool habitats, spawning redd surveys, and education and public awareness efforts through newsletters, project tours and public meetings.

As a result of our projects, we have clearly demonstrated that action at the local level can yield measurable environmental results.

Little Trout River Stewardship Plan - 4Mb


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Watershed restoration techniques highlighted in this website are relevant and applicable to PEI. They may/may not be applicable to other jurisdictions. Please consult relevant Municipal, Provincial and Federal agencies in your area for more information.


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