Richmond Bay Watershed Association Inc.

Restoring Watersheds in Central Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Who are we?

The Richmond Bay Watershed Association Inc (formally known as the Richmond/Grand River Watershed Committee) is a volunteer, non-profit community based watershed improvement group that formed in the winter of 2004. The organization is governed by a volunteer board of directors. It consists of people who take an interest in the health of watersheds and are willing to work together to rehabilitate, conserve and protect watersheds and promote watershed stewardship and environmental education in Central Prince County, PEI.

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Vision Statement:

“Our vision for watersheds in our area is one of enhanced watershed quality through the promotion of watershed restoration and stewardship, while retaining the ability and desire for the watershed community to grow, develop and prosper. It will result in a healthy watershed ecosystem that supports a wide range of environmentally, socially and economically sustainable activities and provide a high quality of life for residents. Our vision is further defined as working with nature to restore nature, and promoting a “conservation first” approach to the wise use of our natural resources.”

Guiding Principles:

  1. All watershed residents may negatively impact the watershed, but collectively, we can all contribute to the restoration and stewardship of the watershed;

  2. Watershed residents must maintain a sense of compromise and respect for fellow residents wishing to generate wealth from the watershed. A sustainable watershed can yield positive ecological benefits, provide for recreation, growth and development and greatly contribute to our social and economic well being;

  3. Promote the importance of a healthy watershed and promote the linkages to our resource based economy on Prince Edward Island;

  4. Shared responsibility: Providing resources and support for watershed restoration and stewardship is a shared responsibility between the Federal and Provincial governments, the watershed group, and the greater watershed community including all businesses and residents;

  5. Local Decisions = Local Action. Watershed residents want to be involved in the restoration of their watershed and they want to be informed and have input into what is happening in their community.

Issues and Concerns:

  1. Maintenance of water quality for ground, stream and estuarial waters;

  2. Restoration of degraded fish habitats;

  3. Restoration of unimpeded fish passage for all native fish species;

  4. Loss of quality forested buffer zones through beaver flooding and Dutch elm disease;

  5. Negative impacts of climate change.


  1. Maintain and improve water quality;

  2. Conserve sensitive lands for public and environmental benefit;

  3. Restore fish habitat including unimpeded access to all fish habitats;

  4. Restore riparian buffer zones;

  5. Maintain native biodiversity;

  6. Support sustainable economic development;

  7. Promote watershed stewardship and environmental education;

  8. Provide recreational opportunities.


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